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The Official GROOMGUIDE Checklist:

1. Suggest writing an engagement announcement.

2. Make a list of family, friends and co-workers you would like to invite. Start a spreadsheet with names, and addresses of guests.

3. Help work out a wedding budget.

4. Offer to call vendors to set up appointments.

5. Volunteer to confirm all services and vendors a week or two before the wedding.

6. Choose a Best Man and Groomsmen.

7. Meet with your Best Man and discuss responsibilities.

8. Make a trip to several suit and tux shops for a try-on session.

9. Set up formalwear options for the Groomsmen.

10. Purchase wedding bands together.

11. Help choose boutonniere styles for you and your Groomsmen.

12. Talk about honeymoon options with your girl and discuss a budget. Plan it! Then book everything, including plane tickets ASAP!

13. Suggest taking dance lessons.

14. Book a wedding night location.

15. Find city maps and airport transportation information to assist your guests with their plans.

16. Set up a time you and your bride can obtain and pay for the Marriage License.

17. Make wedding day transportation plans for you, your bride, and the wedding party.

18. Meet with your officiant or interview officiants.

19. Write a Toast and/or Thank You speech.

20. Write down a list of people you would like to thank publicly.

21. Make a list of songs you want the band or DJ to play or make a do-not-play list.

22. Thank and meet everyone at the wedding.

23. Find a location suitable for outdoor photos in between the Ceremony and the Reception.

24. Pay for and arrange payment (via Best Man) of the officiant’s fee, the musician and tips.

25. Have the Best Man deliver your Bride a special breakfast the morning of the wedding.

26. Write a special note thanking her for being your wife.

27. Write special notes fo your father-in-law and mother-in-law, thanking them for everything they’ve done, especially for creating the most amazing woman in the world.

28. Thank your mother-in-law and father-in-law over and over and over and most importantly, do it publicly.

29. Tell yourBride at least 100 times that day that she looks beautiful and that her dress is spectacular.

30. Plan a surprise for the reception. I.E. example, fireworks, special music, monkeys, elephants, etc….

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